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Kuda Lumping art Dance are popular in communities area of east Java, Indonesia, perfomed by using the tools in the form of a mock horse made from woven bamboo.

Bromo Kuda Lumping

The wayang developed from 9th and 10th century, comes from word bayang (=shadow) is the traditional pupperty and drama of javanese culture of Indonesia

Bougenvile Wayang Silver

Five Pandawa's is symbol of human being in mahabarata & barata yuda legend. They are brothers Yudistira, the first, who is fair & wise. Bima, the second who strong, brave & faithfull. Arjuna the third who is quiet smart & polite. the twin Nakula - Sadewa the forth & the fifth who are honest, obedient, loyal & sensible. in both legend, the fight to their a 100-bad cousin kurawa.

Bromo Pandawa 5 Silver

Wayang Thengul Bojonegoro, East Java in the form of a wooden figure is a Bojonegoro icon. According to "Thengul Puppet Description" written by J.F.X Hoery and Hari Nugroho, this Thengul puppet appeared around 1930.

Wayang thengul


2018-10-10, 04:58
tampilan sekarang bagus dan menarik
2018-10-10, 02:54
Productnya bagus,kreatif dan sangat unik..

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